You're standing on the sidewalk and you hear a jet engine getting closer and closer?  But you look and it's not a jet, it's a Vette.  This Vette certainly sounds it has a jet engine, but it's just a massive blower and blow off valve to release pressure. 

This is Mat's 2010 Jet Stream Blue Grand Sport with 3LT option package. It has an ECS (East Coast Supercharging)  custom tune putting down 720whp/690tq. Currently it has the stock heads and stock internals. It's equipped with an A&A V3 SI blower kit, 50mm blow off valve, Mike Norris Motorsports custom fuel system, Comp Cams custom ground cam, RPS twin disk clutch with remote bleeder, ported throttle body alky control methanol kit with single nozzle. It's breathing well with long tube headers, hi-flow cats, and a B&B Fusion exhaust system. The interior is all redone by DSVettes custom interior with full cabin dynamat treatment. And it's wearing 360 Forged 19/20” with some nice rubber using Nitto Invos to keep this jet grounded.

Check out this short film and keep on the lookout for a photo feature for this Vette.

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This Grand Sport Corvette drives and sounds like a fighter jet.

Keep on the lookout for a set of photos featuring Mats Grand Sport Corvette soon.